Solutions to problems are like treasures, to be found after a good search that offers mental challenges. The better we become at the process, the more likely we are to not miss anything. While you explore the student work presented, see if you can guess what clues led to the creative process behind them.


Our hope is that your experience here will serve several goals:

  • Dispel stereotypes about the West Virginia community
  • Encourage a committment to preservation of the environment and your health
  • Promote understanding of the role of artists and designers
  • Encourage our students to be more active as citizens in the community they move after WVU
  • And finally, we hope you find something that moves you as you navigate within the confines of this site.

This project is an effort to pause and look at West Virginia through artists and designers’ eyes. We hope to seewhere we, as a community, need to change to live better lives in this changing world that is a global village…


To initiate this project, we needed to generate interest among students and encourage them to contribute work. The slogan, “Give a Crit” was chosen because this phrase has multiple meanings to art students. During classes, they critique and receive criticism regarding their work. Also, through their work, they are forming a visual critique of whatever subject mater they choose to highlight.

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Give a Crit Workshop

Emily Frye’s Junior level design class toured high schoolers around the CAC
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Land Arts Project

Erika Osborne’s advanced drawing class floated eggshells down Deckers Creek
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